Tokyo Artisan Intelligence (TAI) started its activities in March 2020 as a venture company from Tokyo Institute of Technology.
By fostering talented human resources, we aim to contribute to the development of humankind by creating new computation technologies and promoting the social implementation of AI technologies.

AI Design Service

Our TAI realizes advanced tasks that were difficult to realize with conventional ICT technology as AI and introduces them into various scenes, resulting in issues such as labor shortage, technology succession, safety and security in an aging society with a declining birthrate. We will help people to lead a richer life.

There are various methods for AI, such as machine learning and deep learning, which is a subset of them, and a design method that makes it easy to use these methods has not yet been established. Furthermore, considering the platforms that operate AI efficiently, there are so many combinations that it is difficult to realize AI. TAI facilitates AI design, creates design technology that can be seamlessly realized on multiple platforms, and spreads it to the world.

Computation technology related to AI technology requires knowledge and practical ability in a wide range of fields, and not only software, hardware, machine learning, but also innovation ability to bring about new technological innovation is required. Through industry-academia-government-private partnerships, TAI aims to contribute to the creation of new computing technology and its social implementation, especially by sending out experts by fostering doctoral course human resources.

TAI Compiler

TAI Compiler is a GUI-based tool that makes it easy for anyone to develop AI. TAI’s learning model and know-how make it easy for users to design AI models with high recognition accuracy. TAI Compiler works with hardware vendors’ tools to publish models designed for a variety of AI hardware. TAI Compiler is under development. It will be launched both on cloud systems and on-premises.

Company Profile

Company name: Tokyo Artisan Intelligence Co., Ltd.
Establishment: 3rd/March/2020 (Curve out from SYNKOM Co., Ltd.)
Capital: 53 million JPN
Location: 2-5-1, Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, JP
Business contents: Deep learning accelerator design (CPU, GPU, FPGA, ASIC)